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Are you wondering about whether or not to have artificial turf installed? Artificial turf has been popular in Arizona for some time – and thanks to Arizona Turf and Paver and our amazing customers — the word is spreading to communities all throughout the Phoenix metro area. You’ve come to the right place to find out more about the benefits of artificial turf!

You’ve probably already seen artificial turf in sports fields, including football, soccer, volleyball, and even golf courses. Artificial turf is made up of durable polymers that can take on the appearance of natural grass with none of the hard work. The polymers last for years and don’t exhibit wear from weather, foot traffic, or pets.

The structure of artificial turf ensures that each fiber will stand up in a way that’s virtually indistinguishable from natural grass. At the same time, fibers have the bounce and cushioning you would expect thanks to the infill spread between them. Natural materials like sand can be used for the infill.

Why Do Arizona Homeowners Choose Artificial Turf?

The artificial turf craze began a few years back and has been spreading quickly throughout Western states as water becomes increasingly rare and precious. Our hot, dry climate means homeowners have many reasons to choose artificial turf. When they do, they no longer need to worry about the expense and hard work of keeping a traditional grass lawn green.

Let’s look at some of the top benefits of artificial turf:

1. No Maintenance Requirements

As long as you use a professional artificial turf service for your artificial turf installation, you can rest assured your artificial turf will always look just as green and lush as the day you got it. Even the most dedicated grass purists can’t tell the difference between it and artificial turf.

2. Save Money on Water and Lawncare

Arizona homeowners spend more money on water than most other states. If you have a large property with a conventional lawn, you might end up spending $10,000 or more a year on that thirsty, thirsty grass. With a modest investment in artificial turf installation, you can enjoy savings for the lifetime of your home.

3. Dogs Love Artificial Turf

Dogs and other four-footed friends love artificial turf. Even the biggest dog can dig to his heart’s content and it won’t cause any harm to your artificial turf. Pests such as fleas and ticks, which lie in wait in grass and latch on when animals pass by, can’t infest artificial turf. That keeps all your companion animals safer!

Should You Choose Artificial Turf for Desert Landscaping?

Artificial turf is ideal for desert landscaping because it always offers a splash of green that both contrasts and complements a desert landscape. Artificial turf never dries out or browns, so it can be a constant to build the rest of your landscaping around.

Not only does Arizona artificial turf look like grass, it is also designed to stand up to desert temperatures. The infill that’s part of the structure of artificial turf is typically made from natural materials like sand. These help disperse heat and keep your lawn’s surface around 25% cooler.

Many places in Arizona are still in extreme drought. When you combine artificial turf with hardscaping, you no longer need to be dependent on the cost of water. Using pavers along with artificial turf, you can combine color, shape, and texture for amazing arrangements.

Choosing Artificial Turf for a Yard or Garden

If you want to make the most of your garden, the combination of artificial turf and pavers can’t be beat. Pavers can be used to hem in hardy desert plants and create convenient retaining walls that give plants room to grow and climb when they need it. You can choose colors and materials that make your plants “pop.”

There are many different ways to garden in Arizona that won’t leave you reliant on spreading gallons of water every month. Desert succulent plants come in every color of the rainbow, and will delight and amaze you with all the shapes they can create. They are robust and sun-tolerant, making them incredibly easy to care for.

Other Uses for Artificial Turf in Arizona

Our customers have come up with amazing uses for artificial turf:

  • Putting Greens: Nothing keeps your game in shape quite like your very own putting green you can enjoy any time. The high quality artificial turf we offer is truly indistinguishable from the grass on the green, so your stroke is more likely to improve when you use it!
  • Outdoor Kitchens: Artificial turf can create a reliable flat surface for your outdoor kitchen so you can easily get around your grill and other appliances while enjoying reduced waste and lower fire risk. Add pavers to give your kitchen even more aesthetic appeal.

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